What Should You Wear to Your Engagement Session?

Hi, I'm Kelli Western Wedding Photographer based in Lubbock, TX. I travel all around Texas and beyond capturing couples throughout all stages of their love story. One of my favorite sessions are engagement sessions. Engagement sessions are included in all of my wedding packages, because it gives me an opportunity to meet my clients, connect with them, and see their love for one another first hand. One of the first questions I get from my clients is, "What should we wear?". Here are a few tips I give my clients for what to wear to your engagement session.

1) First and foremost, wear something you are comfortable in! If you feel comfortable, your confidence will shine through. If you are constantly tugging and pulling at your outfit, your body will most likely be stiff and it will show in your photos. I want your engagement photos to be a fun experience for your both!

2)I always tell my clients to pick 2 outfits. This just gives us some variety in your photos. Pick 1 casual outfit. Something you might wear just hanging out together. Then pick 1 dressier outfit. Maybe something you would wear on a date night or special occasion.

3) Lastly, choose colors that will look good hanging around your home. Personally, I love neutrals. You can't go wrong hanging up neutral colors around your house.

If you are newly engaged and on the hunt for your wedding photographer, I would love to be considered. I have a love for western weddings and am available for travel throughout Texas and Beyond.